Missing Etchings

We are alerting all art dealers and the general public to the disappearance, and possible theft, of 42 hand coloured Brian Dunlop etchings which went missing at about the time of the artist’s death in early December 2009.

The disappearance of the etchings was not known to the Estate until April 2010 when they were reported as missing by Sophie Dunlop who went to the police on April 13th. The Victorian police are investigating their disappearance, however should they come up for sale or if they come to your attention in any way, we ask you to notify the Estate of Brian Dunlop through Eva Breuer Art Dealer or directly through his daughter and executor of his Estate, Sophie Dunlop.

Brian Dunlop to our knowledge had never hand coloured his etchings before, therefore any hand coloured etchings are likely to be the missing ones. Some of the images (uncoloured) are displayed below.

Contact details:

Sophie Dunlop
Estate of Brian Dunlop
PO Box 699
Unley BC SA 5061 

mobile phone: 0403688077